The Watchtower society have demonised apostates for decades. We've been called 'mentally diseased', and much, much worse. Jehovah's Witnesses who were born into the religion and baptised as children may simply come to a different view of the world when they reach adulthood, and really, what's wrong with that? What's wrong with trying to explain to your family and friends why you've changed your mind?

There's no need for me to explain the punishment this brings down upon innocent Jehovah's Witnesses. Tens of thousands of families have been torn apart because of Watchtowers shameful disfellowshipping and shunning policies.

I've created this community site to allow each individual apostate to present themselves as they truly are. It doesn't all have to be about our shared JW experience but no doubt that will be a big part of it. You will have a few free tools at your disposal here;

Your Profile Page.

A bit like Facebook but far more controllable. From here you can add your Twitter feed, Articles, Podcasts, Store Products and much more.

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Your Articles.

You'll have a personal control panel to create, list, edit and store your articles or blog. When you've got an article ready to release just publish it for all to see.

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Your Podcasts.

If you create podcasts you're going to love this! You can upload up to 32mb files or link to larger podcast files and have them all available from your profile page. You can customise your podcast player too!

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Your Store.

Create your own store and sell tee-shirts, mugs, books or anything else to the apostate community. You can even sell digital files like pdf's and mp3's.

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Now, all of this is great but there is a far more important goal for the site - freeing our loved ones from the Watchtower cult. I would not be cruel enough to make any promises, we all know how difficult this can be, but how is this for a new approach?

Simple, anonymous postcards sent to your family or friends with thought provoking questions or news about the organisation or it's doctrines that they would never otherwise be exposed to. Design and sell your own postcards for others to post as well. Feel free to get them printed up wherever you like but I'll be offering a print service right here on the site for as little as a penny a postcard.

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Well that's about it for now. The site launches on Christmas Day but you can keep up to date with developments by requesting to join the mailing list - use the contact form below.  What I'm really looking for are content creators who will get early access to the site to add their podcasts, articles and products for sale in readiness for launch day. If that's you, again, please contact me using the form below.



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No need for any personally identifying information, just let us know why you'd like early access to the site. What sort of content will you be providing? Alternatively, if you simply have a question, please feel free to ask.