Shunning family members is nothing less than abuse, ignoring pleas for contact and witholding love and affection are disgraceful behaviours which have led many former Jehovah's Witnesses into depression - and a few to suicide. Whilst active members who shun are responsible for their choices and the damage they cause they are in reality victims too, bullied by an organisation that demands this unnatural behaviour to retain control over it's members.

Shun or be shunned in return.

The purpose of this site is to break the power of disfellowshipping and shunning and to hopefully reunite divided families. We'll have a lot more to say about shunning, it's history and mental health implications, but right now we're providing you with all the tools you need to reach out to the ones you love.

Nothing is guaranteed of course but it is clear that the grip of this cult over its members is weakening. Now is the time to reach out with messages of kindness, truth and hope.